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DCP creation

A Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is the global standard for digital movie theaters. CinePartner can create and test your DCP for you without any hassles. All you need is your movie in the highest possible quality, an internet connection and enough disk space as DCP’s are quite large. If you want we can add multiple subtitles in your DCP so you can distribute it worldwide. If you like we can even take care of the delivery to the designated movie theaters. We can normally deliver DCP’s within 5 days depending on the demand. If the delivery time is different it will be noted on the submission form (more often than not it will be shorter).


As creating a DCP isn’t that much work you mostly pay for us checking the DCP itself. You can’t play it with a regular media player and have to know what to look for. In the price list below we also have student discounts. If you’re a starting filmmaker you can apply for these discounts by sending us some information about you school, the details of that can be found in the submission form. If deliver the movie on harddisc or USB stick de cost for sending it back will have to be paid by you.

< 30 min < 60 min > 60 min student discount
2D 2K € 2,00/min € 1,50/min € 1,25/min 30%
2D 4K € 2,50/min € 1,75/min € 1,50/min 30%
3D (we can’t check this yet) € 2,00/min € 1,50/min € 1,25/min 20%
Archiving* 1 year € 2 each minute 10%
Archiving* 2 year € 3,85 each minute 10%
Archiving* 3 year € 5,45 each minute 10%

*     We can archive your DCP. Normally you have two weeks to download it from our server after which it will be deleted. If you choose an archive option you can always download it during the archive period. For longer periods you can leave a note with your order and we will give you a quote. If you deliver your movie on disk or USB stick archiving is also possible!

What we are able to do

Digital Cinema Packages come in a variety of tastes. We try to offer as many possibilities as possible in the overview below you can see most of our capabilities. If you don’t know what it’s about you don’t have to worry, we will just take what is standard or is best suitable for your movie. If your desired specification is not in the list, just contact us and we will try to make it happen!

Delivery of content
Filetypes Almost any type and codec but preferably an *.mov file with uncompressed audio and Apple ProRes HQ or a DNxHR or DNxHD file
Transfer Just upload it to our secure system, that’s the easiest way. When the DCP is done you can download it.
You can also send us a harddrive or USB stick but keep in mind there has to be enough space at it to also add the DCP (we can give an estimate of the size) You will also have to pay extra for sending the disk back to you.
DCP video options
DCP Types 2D or 3D (can not yet be checked by us)
DCP Standard SMPTE or Interop
encrypted DCP possible
Frame rate 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps, 48 fps, 50 fps, 60 fps
Resolution 2K or 4K
Scaling 1.19, 4:3, Academy, 1.66, 16:9, Flat, Scope, Full Frame
Color conversion sRGB, Rec. 601, Rec. 709, P3, Custom
Filtering Motion compensating deinterlacing, Telecine-filter, High-quality 3D gain reduction
DCP Subtitle options
DCP Subtitling Multiple
DCP audio options
Audio processing none or mid-side